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Signs That Your Hot Water System Needs Replacement

No one likes taking a cold shower, especially on winter mornings. Once a hot water system is installed, you count on it to function well. However, knowing whether your hot water system will last you another winter or need immediate replacement can be tricky. It is essential that you hire a licensed plumber in Sydney like the ones at SPS Plumbers to inspect your hot water system and determine whether it needs replacement.

If you notice that there is no hot water in your house regularly, it means that there is something wrong with your hot water system and you should get it checked immediately. Here is a list of signs that indicate it’s time to replace your hot water system:

1. A Defective Thermostat

The thermostat connected to your hot water system informs the elements exactly when to heat up, and it monitors the temperature of the water as well. A malfunction in the thermostat can result in no hot water or excessively hot water.

2. Water Leak

This is probably the most common reason why you might not get hot water. If there’s a leak in the hot water tank or any of the connected pipes that come out from it, there might be a shortage of hot water in your house. You should get the leak repaired by a professional licensed plumber in Sydney.

3. Electrical Fault

Another cause for no hot water in your house can be a blown fuse. Inspecting the fuse to see whether it has blown is always a good idea. In case you have a circuit breaker attached to the heater, check it to determine whether it has tripped. If this occurs occasionally, you have nothing to worry about. However, if you notice it happening frequently, call in a professional to get it fixed or install a new circuit breaker.

4. An Old System

Most good quality hot water systems can easily last for up to 10 years or even more with proper maintenance. Once your system has reached past this age, consider replacing it with a new hot water system. If you continue using the older system, problems will start to emerge prematurely, and the unit will have to work overtime just to keep up.

5. A Noisy Water Heater

Sediment is the primary cause of a water heater to become noisy. The natural minerals present in water start to build-up over time and gather at the bottom of the tank. The noise is a result of the steam bubbles escaping from under the sediment and makes a banging or popping sound.  This issue can be fixed by draining the residue from the tank. It is crucial to take care of this issue as soon as possible, as it can result in corrosion, overheating, and can even overwork the system. For more information, please get in touch with us at SPS Plumbers. Our number is (02) 9099 9613, you can also fill in the contact us form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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