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Tools That Professional Plumbers Use While Clearing Drain Blockages

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Most property owners know that sewage blocks can occur at any point in time. When the water starts to back up into the bathroom or sink areas, it can be challenging to handle the situation. Using simple tools from the house like a plunger does not always help to clear the blockage. If the clog is very severe, you would have to call in professional, licensed plumbers in Northern Suburbs for the job. 

SPS  is one of the leading companies in this industry. We have been catering to commercial and residential clients for many years now. When you hire us for any plumbing job, you can rest assured that seasoned and experienced professionals are addressing the issue.

Not only do we have the right plumbing tools but also the knowledge to carry out these jobs expertly. While it does seem like clogged sewers surface all of a sudden, the fact is that these problems build up over time. Debris, food remnants, as well as hair, other small items, grease etc. tend to flow into the drains. Slowly but surely, these start to build up in bends in the sewage pipes.

Advanced Equipment that Licensed Plumbers Use 

When you do not get regular plumbing maintenance done, these blockages can go unnoticed, and it doesn’t take long for a sewage backup to occur. If you find yourself dealing with these problems very frequently and are unable to clear it satisfactorily with a plunger, you must call in a licensed plumber without delay.  

A credible company will always be on call 24/7 to handle urgent plumbing issues. These professionals arrive in fully equipped vans with all the tools necessary to handle the job expertly and clear the blockage quickly. Some of the standard tools that professional plumbers use include:

  • CCTV Drain Cameras– These are convenient tools that can be used in all types of sewer blockage jobs. A miniature camera is inserted into the drain. The plumber then views the inside of the pipe via a live feed on a monitor. This gives them a clear idea about what is causing the blockage and whether there is any other problem.
  • Root Cutters- If the plumbers notice that roots have caused the blockage inside the drainpipe, they will use root cutting machines that are incredibly effective in breaking down stubborn blocks.
  • Electric Eels- If there is any other kind of blockage, they may also use electric eels which cut out various obstacles inside the drain pipe.
  • Hydro Jets– These are also effective tools used to clear sewage pipes. Once all the debris, roots etc. have been cut down to small bits, all of the remnants need to be removed before they settle again. This is where hydro jetters come into the picture. The high water pressure pushes all the debris out of the drain pipe.

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Same Day Service with 24 Hour Emergency Service

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Charge by the Job not by the Hour Fast & Reliable

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Lifetime Guarantee by Licensed & Insured Plumbers



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