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The Best Way To Avoid Problems Created By DIY Plumbing Projects

For many people, DIY is a favourite method to undertake various home improvement projects. It is easy and free to access this information online. Millions of online videos provide information on DIY repairs. There are tutorials, short cuts, and tips on any subject under the sun. That encourages DIY enthusiasts to try even plumbing jobs that require specialised skills. However, this is not always a wise decision. Here are some reasons why a DIY plumbing project may prove to be a disaster.

Common DIY Plumbing Disasters

We at SPS  often observe that when people try to fix their plumbing problems on their own, it end in sure disaster. It makes the resultant repair job not only difficult to tackle but expensive too. Here is a list of some common problems that arise out of DIY plumbing jobs:

  • In a DIY effort, you may disconnect the pipes, use pipes and joints of different materials, incorrect sizes, or use wrong adhesives. This can result in leakages and corrosion of pipes.
  • Most houses have concealed plumbing installations that are hidden in the wall or under the ground. Rip opening a wall incorrectly without knowing the correct location of the problem damages the piping system, and you will end up damaging the structure of the house.
  • Due to the lack of precise knowledge about the water lines, you may mix up the water lines and cause problems.
  • The first step in any leakage repair must be to shut off the main water supply; this is often forgotten. This can cause flooding in your house, and installations suffer damage.
  • Installing a faucet backward is also a common mistake.

How Professional Plumbing Work Differs from  DIY

Some plumbing tasks may look simple, but they are not. You need knowledge, training, and practice to get it right. Online tutorials can give you an understanding of what plumbing involves but not the actual skills to do it. At SPS, we notice that people’s DIY repair or installation projects cause more damage, which is avoidable. Look at these differences between DIY and hiring the services of a licensed plumber in Northern Suburbs:

  • Training – You cannot discount the importance of training for plumbing jobs. In fact, amateur repairs can damage plumbing systems that are working well. Professional plumbers have the requisite training to repair plumbing systems efficiently.
  • Convenience – When you hire professional services, you save time and money on tools that you do not need all the time. It is always convenient to call a trained plumber to do the job.
  • Licensed and insured – DIY mistakes can make a hole in your pocket if they go wrong. You can avoid this when you hire the licensed and insured plumbers as they have the insurance coverage to bear a hit.

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Same Day Service with 24 Hour Emergency Service

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Charge by the Job not by the Hour Fast & Reliable

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Lifetime Guarantee by Licensed & Insured Plumbers



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